Dora Hiers Picked up by White Rose after Five Years  

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“Every story has its own path to travel….”
What road are you traveling?

Have you ever thought about the roads you’ve traveled? Bumpy, windy roads. Roads filled with potholes, forks, and turns. Up mountains. Through valleys. Quiet, country roads and bustling, noisy intersections. Have you considered how few roads are actually smooth? 

I’m not one of those writers who dreamed of putting words on paper from an early age. Writing wasn’t in my career path. If I had seen it coming, I probably would have made a u-turn and headed in the opposite direction. After all, I’d spent twelve years writing and editing audit reports. Painful, excruciatingly so. You see, I’m one of those perfectionists. You know the kind.
But, I have always wanted to read, loved to read. Had to have a book in my hands. Don’t you feel lost if you don’t have four or five books lined up ready to read? Me? I have sixteen ~ shhh, don’t tell my husband.

After I dropped out of the workforce to taxi my two sons around (and to make sure one of them actually attended school, he had a slight problem with that!), God planted the “writing” seed in my heart. “Me? Write? No way,” I scoffed. I was convinced I was wrong. God didn’t want me to do something that I didn’t enjoy, did He? Surely, I was mistaken. Talk about facing a mountain.

The writing seed dug in, took root around my heart with the idea for Journey’s End, which germinated from a newspaper article about a mobster, finally convicted for his crimes years later. God watered the seed until it grew into a manuscript, even fertilized it with a stack of rejection letters and dismal contest results. God helped me to focus on the positive comments. One manuscript grew into two. Then, three.

A dear friend from Carolina Christian Writers directed me to White Rose Publishing and on New Year’s Eve in 2010, five years after I started down this crazy writing road, White Rose Publishing offered me a contract for Journey’s End, my first heart racing, God-gracing book in the Marshals of Journey Creek series.  Can you think of a better way to end one year and to begin another? Who needs fireworks? Shortly after that, my second book, Journey’s Edge, finished second in the 2010 Unpublished Beacon Contest.

Wow! Thank you, God, for not giving up on me! For walking hand-in-hand with me on this crazy exciting journey and for filling my heart with joy!

What is your own journey like? Curvy? Full of potholes? Are you facing a mountain? Don’t give up! When you open the mailbox or email to a rejection, cry, rant, and stop writing for a while. Then, look at the rejection again with a fresh perspective. Pick out the constructive ideas on how to make your writing stronger and better and dig back in. Because the feeling is ever so sweet when you get that affirmative email or phone call…

Whatever road you’re on, my prayer is that God blesses your journey! Journey's End can be found at

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Good morning, Lynnette. Thanks so much for hosting me today.

Here's a question for everybody. How often have you muddled through appointments and tasks and nothing seemed to go according to plan or to your well-orchestrated schedule? I'm raising my hand. What about you?

What about times when you accomplished multiple tasks and appointments so efficiently and effortlessly you knew you had to have forgotten something (or somebody!) important? God blessed me with one of those divine mornings today. Thank you, God!

What kind of day are you having?

Hey Lynette and Dora! What a journey, Dora =-) Most writers - myself included - will tell you they've been writing their whole lives. It's fascinating when God just yanks you up short and turns you in another direction, lol. He's funny that way, and to Him be the glory!

Hi Dana! Thanks for stopping by. God's got an awesome sense of humor, don't you think?

How's your day, Dana? Is it a "muddling through" kinda day? Or one of those God-kissed divine days?

Hi, Dora!! I'm so looking forward to the release of Journey's End! Can't wait to read it! My writing journey, which began when I was in middle-school, had stops and starts and those curvy moments you talk about where I nearly gave up -- and found out that God had other plans. Isn't it amazing when He steps in and directs our paths? Miraculous things happen when He does!! I'm so thrilled for you! God bless!

Hi Marianne. Thanks for your kind words. I'm looking forward to the release of Journey's End, too!

I'm so glad you didn't give up writing. God's blessed you with such amazing talent, my dear friend. Keep those awesome books rolling out!

Hi, Lynette and Dora! Great post! I love hearing how other writers came to realize that's what they're supposed to be doing. I'm one of those who was almost born with a pen in hand, but even so, God had to yank me up by the hair to make me DO it! lol

I'm having one of those good days, Dora. Thank God! I thought I had completely lost a treasure trove of information on one of my flash drives, but God worked a miracle and a wonderful computer gal here locally was able to save it for me - just barely. If I had a halo to give her, I would! :D

Hi Delia. Computer trouble? Oye. That's scary, nail-biting trauma. Maybe your computer gal is already an angel? You're really experiencing a divine day! WOW!

God has to pull out the sledge hammer for me. He gave up pulling my hair. lol

I hope the rest of your day ends as well as the first part, Delia. Thanks for saying "hi." Congrats on your latest awesome release, Kylie's Kiss!

Dora, thanks for dropping by to share your journey with us today! I'm having one of those in between days. Getting quite a bit done, but still have a long list. :)

Hi Lynnette!

With four kids, the to-do list never ends, does it? I admire you. I only had two to keep up with, both grown now.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my journey to publication, Lynnette. Writer's Journey is an awesome blog!

Congratulations, Dora! I'm so glad you listened to God's purpose in your life. And how exciting about the new book!

I totally get the shuttling-kids-around. I feel like I live in my mini-van!

Sorry I'm a little late... but I'm so glad I stopped by. GREAT post!

Blessings on this journey and path the Lord has lead you to.

I'm a day late, but not a dollar short.
Good to know you a little better, Dora. And, I can't wait to check out Journy's End.

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